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Ambitious High School
Seniors and Juniors
University Peak helps you put your best foot forward on your applications

You have good grades and test scores

You have worked hard all through high school.

You have a solid extracurricular activity list

In order to increase your chances of getting into your top college choices, your college applications must be at the peak of their game.

That’s where we help you…

Two of my teachers have pulled me aside independently, and told me that they were impressed with how well I prepared them for my letters of recommendation. You were so right.


You have this way of making the most complex processes seem simple. And you have this way of teaching me to think about things in ways I never did before. You understand me. You dig deep, and you know how to get through. I learned so much from you. Thanks for helping me.


I just got my last acceptance email. Drumroll….. I got in!!!! Can you believe it? I got into all of the colleges that I applied to — just like you. Maybe now, I can be like you when I grow up. Ha, just kidding. In all seriousness, thanks for everything. You have no idea how much your guidance meant to me.


Critical College Application Areas

Dear Student and Parent,

​The increasingly competitive landscape of college admissions requires students to know themselves, know each college’s strengths, and stand out from their competition like never before. Grades, extracurricular activities, and standardized test scores are only a few of the many important considerations for college admissions.

What makes the difference among the students who get accepted? Preparation and the college application. The college application reflects who you are as a unique human being, your achievements, and your aspirations. In the eyes of admissions officers, your application is you.

Your college application must have a positive impact on admissions officers in order for you to increase your chances of getting accepted. University Peak partners with you to manage every step of the delicate process to ensure that you position yourself in the most compelling light. We help you discover colleges and create your college list. We coach you as you craft powerful application essays. We help you gather high-impact letters of recommendation. We teach you how to write a stand-out activity list. We guide you through the standardized test process. We develop interviewing skills with you. With us, you learn how to brand and market yourself powerfully and authentically.

University Peak understands how all these pieces fit together in the admissions process. Our services are highly customized to your individual needs and goals. We prepare you to put your best foot forward in your college applications. Our step-by-step guidance helps minimize the stress from college applications.

In short, we help you stand out from your competition and increase your chances of admission into the college choices that are best-suited for the unique and remarkable person you are.

Let’s start the process of getting you admitted!


Nick Meier

Vice President and Co-founder
University Peak™

I would like to receive individualized one-on-one coaching…

Can you help me with the entire college application process?



Our most popular option is the Comprehensive College Application Package.

Don’t miss a beat with this all-inclusive package. Receive the personalized and highly customized attention that you require in order to create a compelling and competitive application package. If you seek assistance with multiple parts of the college admission process, this is the service for you. Students who receive this service are most often juniors and seniors in high school. Take advantage of our rigorous and personalized plans developed to help you achieve your goals. University Peak will guide you through every step of the application process. This package typically includes over 60 hours of personalized research, revisions, one-on-one meetings, and 24-hour email/phone access.

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University Peak partners with you to manage every step of the delicate process to ensure that you are positioned in the most compelling light. We see each student as a unique individual and gladly customize our services to meet your needs. We design our plans to give you the edge on your competition! Reap the benefits of our expertise by contacting us to discuss the specific areas that you would like to receive expert help.
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  • Develop a calendar that embodies all aspects of the college application process
  • Identify your unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate your standardized test scores and review test prep options
  • Refine your list of target colleges based on your academic profile, personality, priorities, and interests
  • Create a high-impact extracurricular activity resume
  • Choose strategic recommenders and prepare them for highly effective letters of recommendation
  • Manage and communicate any extenuating circumstances
  • Brainstorm, outline, and review all drafts of your main application essay (personal statement) & all supplemental essays. See “College Application Essay / Personal Statement” section (below) for more detail about the step-by-step process!
  • Meticulously help you prepare supplemental application materials for those of you who have special areas of skills or talents
  • Proofread and teach you the benefits of strategic wording on all elements of the application to create a unified applicant package before final submission
  • Interview coaching and preparation
  • Strategize next steps in waitlist and multiple acceptance situations
  • Over 60 hours of help (includes meetings, research, revisions, calls, emails, brainstorming, and more)
I would like to receive individualized one-on-one coaching…

May I select college application services a la carte?



You may select services based on your needs. Our areas of expertise are detailed out below.

You may select services based on your needs. Our areas of expertise are detailed out below.

Although applications are comprehensive portraits of an applicant, there are certainly cases when students and families need assistance in key areas. We provide customized services in our areas of expertise to enhance components of a student’s application.

What are University Peak’s areas of expertise in college applications?

College Application Essays & Personal Statements

customized packages and a la carte services available

The application essays are a key component of your college application. Your application essays must have your voice while strategically presenting a compelling case for admission. Make your application essays their best with our expert help. With our guidance, students have gained admission into the most selective universities in the United States, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, USC, and many more. Nancy Meier and Nick Meier together have over 30 years of experience in guiding students through their application essays. Our strong reputation is there for a reason: All of our students have had great results due to our highly personalized and detailed approach.

In addition to the personal statement, students are required to submit multiple supplemental essays. We work in tandem with you as you craft powerful essays that strategically complement and improve your overall application. ​Comprehensive Essay Assistance includes brainstorming, outline creation, draft reviews, proofreading, and final reviews. We also offer just proofreading services for students who already have a draft and want feedback and proofreading. Wherever you are in your process of writing your college application essays, we help you craft the best essays possible.

Example of our Complete Essay Coaching Process

Customized to the Student’s Needs

Brainstorming Session

choice of Zoom, phone or in-person (depending on location)
Delve deep into personal statement and essay prompts, discuss the unique strengths and circumstances of the student, and explore topics and strategic essay angles.

Detailed Review of Essay Outlines​

outline for each essay
In-depth review and feedback for college application essay outlines

Detailed Review of First Drafts

choice of Zoom, phone or in-person
In-depth review and feedback for initial essay drafts

Unlimited Email and Phone Contact During Process

from start to finish
Outline revisions, draft revisions, questions, ideas, concerns

Detailed Review of Final Draft

email + phone
Review final drafts for spelling, grammar and mechanical errors + final feedback

Multiple Essays Included At No Additional Fee

quantity of essays varies based on your needs
Includes main personal statement, supplemental application essays, scholarship essays

Example of our Proofreading Process

Do you only need to have your essay proofread?

Deadline Approaching

rush services available
For students who already have a draft ready and would like feedback & proofreading to eliminate spelling and grammar errors

​Initial Discussion

phone + email
Discuss the draft with the student to understand what message it is trying to convey

Detailed Review of Draft

​per essay
In-depth review and feedback of draft includes spelling and grammar edits plus feedback to improve essay

Detailed Review of Final Draft

email + phone + in-person (depending on location)
Review final drafts for spelling, grammar and mechanical errors + final feedback

High-Impact Letters of Recommendation

In-depth preparation & guidance for gathering the most effective letters of recommendation

Letters of recommendation are the secret weapon of many applications, particularly at the most selective universities. Letters of recommendation shed light onto an application and illustrate qualities of the applicant that cannot be captured in grades and test scores. Depending on how they are written, letters of recommendation can tip the odds of admission in or against your favor.

Do not neglect this portion of the application. Letters of recommendation are a highly strategic process. Our students receive the best recommendation letters possible. Our strategies empower you to collect the strongest, most detailed, and most favorable letters of recommendation for your college application. Your chances from admission will increase from our proven strategies for this portion of your applications. We know what you need to do to ensure that your recommenders will be strong advocates for your success. With our guidance, you will receive letters of recommendation that will serve as compelling reflections of your individual strengths. Your letters of recommendation will unify and strengthen your overall application.

Create a Powerful Activity List

Improve your application with an impeccably worded activity list

The activity list is an organized mirror reflection of you. The common error of many applicants is to downplay the importance of the activity list on an application. It is not simply a list of your extracurricular activities, length of involvement, hours committed per week, and honors earned. Additionally, many students unintentionally omit important activities under the assumption that they are not meaningful; other students overplay some activities that can harm the application. Gain the skills you need to create an activity list that accurately reflects your strengths.

Admissions officers use the activity list as an indication of who you are. University Peak takes great lengths to help you transform your activity list into a powerful enhancement to your application. We work with you to help you select strategic wording and personal nuances that reinforce other parts of your application. The skill of presenting a compelling written summary of your activities and achievements will benefit you for years to come, particularly when you start applying to internships, graduate school, and jobs!

Standardized Test Score Evaluation & Strategy

Understand the role of standardized exams in competitive college admissions & prepare yourself

Plan for success. Reduce the stress that is associated with standardized exams, such as the SAT, ACT, and AP exams, by arming yourself with an informed plan. We assess your list of top college choices in conjunction with your current test scores. Then we provide candid feedback and create a strategic plan to increase your scores before the heat of college application season. We advise students on which standardized tests to take, the ideal time to take them, and how to best prepare for them. The goal is to increase your chances of getting admitted into your top college choices: the colleges that are best-suited for the unique person you are.

Boost Your Supplemental Application Material

Highlight your talents with supplemental application materials that make you stand out

Highlight your talents. If you have particular areas of talent or expertise, such as in athletics or arts, you must enhance your college applications with supplemental material. The type of content can vary from a more detailed activity list to a website URL portfolio, an academic paper, a short story, a YouTube video, DVD, CD, or a special project. We help students craft these supplemental materials and critique the material prior to submission. Additionally, we help you write targeted and strategic letters to the individuals involved in compiling and reviewing these materials, including college faculty, mentors, and college coaches.

Reviewing Final Applications Before Submission

The finishing touches on your application can make all the difference

When you have your applications ready for submission, it’s time for a detailed review. You’re almost at the finish line in the college application process, so don’t start walking now! There is no room for typos, errors, or thoughtless responses on your final college applications. We sit with you and review every word you type on the application with our meticulous multi-step process. Our expert knowledge on college admissions processes helps you portray yourself in the best light possible to increase your chances of admission. Every response and word–even those that seem trivial–can affect the way the admissions committee views your application.

Interview Coaching & Preparation

Become confident and convincing by developing a personalized interview strategy

A positive college interview can significantly boost your chances of admission. Conversely, a weak interview will diminish your overall application. We work directly with you so that you can walk into your college interviews feeling confident, calm, and prepared. Through personalized coaching and practice, we brainstorm with you to develop a winning interview strategy. We partner with you to create a list of key talking points to guarantee that you highlight your most compelling qualities during the interview. We discuss presentation, etiquette, what to wear, and more. Prior to the interview, we have mock interview sessions where you can rehearse responses and get more comfortable with the interview process. The goal is to help you be authentic and confident during the interview. We prepare you to leave a lasting, positive impression on your interviewer. These interviewers will, in turn, advocate for your acceptance to the college admissions committees.

Scholarship Application Coaching

Putting your best foot forward on scholarship applications

Paying for college is a big concern for most families. Attending college has many expenses, including tuition, room and board, fees, books and supplies, personal expenses, and travel. Not many families can foot the bill for one year of college up-front, let alone four! We work with students and families to provide meticulous guidance with scholarship applications.

Waitlist Strategy

Strategies to boost your chances of acceptance if you are placed on a waitlist

If you are placed on a waitlist, you are in limbo. You have not been accepted, but you have not been denied either. This limbo period can be stressful. With the increasingly competitive landscape of college admissions, more students experience being placed on a waitlist. If this is you, we seamlessly guide you through the entire waitlist process, from initial response to sending a deposit, following up, and sending supplemental material. We help reduce your stress of being on a waitlist and maximize all opportunities to increase your chances of getting admitted off the waitlist.

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