When I talked to my friends, relatives, and even XXXX’s high school guidance counselor, they couldn’t believe the schools that she was accepted into. I told them with pride that University Peak played a huge role in this. But I am not surprised. You already helped us through this process with our older daughter a couple years ago! We love you guys. You are awesome!!
Both our daughters had a tough time deciding where to go. You got them each into the schools where they’d do well, and helped them decide where to go.
Both of our daughters worked very hard throughout high school, and had so many different organizations they were involved in. But we all know they are complete opposites of each other! You did a great job of getting to know them, and teaching them what to highlight on each application to show each of them in the best light. The self-discovery process was very useful for them as they got to know themselves much better throughout their time with each of you. You helped them become stronger young women, and you helped them stand out.
XXXX is absolutely loving her freshman year at her top college choice right now. [Our older daughter] is a senior now in college, and has done everything she set out to do. And she’s having so much fun in college too. We are so proud of them both.
With everything I have seen and heard with my friends’ children and my children’s classmates, I am so proud of my two girls. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping them through the process. Thank you for being a part of our family for these years!