You are the best!!! Last May, I was feeling beyond overwhelmed by the whole college application process. My counselor at my school recommended you, and said you were great with students who wanted to get into competitive colleges. I’m so glad we met! You taught me how to take the application process into my own hands. I learned how to think strategically about every part of an application, how to present myself on paper, and how to write essays about things that matter to me. I know these are skills that I will use for many years to come!! On top of all that, you taught me to never get paralyzed by fear of the unknown! You said, “Knowledge and action are the anecdotes to fear,” and you are 100% right! I look back at this past year, and am amazed of how much we accomplished together. I feel really good about the colleges that I have applied to, and my applications are better than I could have imagined. Thank you!!!